Tadej Beočanin – Mayor of the Municipality of Ajdovščina

Fertile soil, a strong influence of the Mediterranean climate and an abundance of water resources created the ideal conditions for the development of agricultural activities, industry and entrepreneurship. A strong food processing industry – the economic powerhouse of the municipal economy – developed in this region as a result. In the slipstream of other industries and yet playing off of the industrial tradition and knowledge, there has been a boom of young high-tech companies.

Touted for their innovation potential, knowledge and visionary development, these companies employ highly qualified people, which in turn is their greatest asset. Knowledge and creativity create the competitive and strategic edge. Our community would like to accommodate a vision oriented economy to enrich it with its state-of-the-art ideas, and sustainably influence its development.

Hence, the Municipality of Ajdovščina has stepped up to assume the key role and responsibility to the benefit of generations to come. The strategy for the development of the municipality sets out that by 2030 the Municipality of Ajdovščina will be a recognizable, effective, competitive, green and worthwhile economic, political and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley with a high quality of life both in the town itself and in the surrounding countryside. To this end, the municipality has sped up its efforts to create a nurturing environment for new companies, for fostering entrepreneurship and small business, and to create jobs. The package of measures and direct financial incentives is already showing promising results.

The hospitable municipality boasts a rich natural and cultural heritage which it seeks to protect and nurture, lovingly sharing its variety with guests. The favourable climate with a strong Mediterranean influence brings mild winters with little snow and an early spring, and is responsible for longer growing periods that are conducive to a specific flora and crops. Other distinct features are the unique Burja wind, and the openness and esprit of the people. Combined, these are the reasons why one should visit the Vipava Valley, undertake to buy locally made products, invest in the region and ultimately settle in it.

Municipality of Ajdovščina

Situated in western Slovenia on the border with Italy (80 km from Ljubljana and 150 km from Venice), the Municipality of Ajdovščina is the economic, educational and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley. Fertile soil, a strong influence of the Mediterranean climate, an abundance of water resources coupled with a favourable transport position created the ideal conditions for the development of agricultural activities, industry and entrepreneurship. A specific feature of the Vipava Valley is the burja – a northeast wind that scatters the clouds and clears the air. As a result, the valley enjoys 2,100 hours of sun a year, with the temperatures hovering over the temperature threshold of 5 degrees Celsius for 289 days out of a year, meaning that the vegetation period lasts two months longer than further inland. The favourable natural conditions are perfect for growing vines (which in turn produce premium wines), native Vipava cherries, apricots and peaches, which are ripe earlier than elsewhere in Slovenia. As a result, a strong and continuously growing food processing industry developed in this region. Today it is represented by successful companies such as Mlinotest, Fructal, Incom, Tosla, Pelicon Brewery etc. Meanwhile, the wood and textile industry along with construction ran into difficulties; what is left of them today is technical expertise and a number of experts with technical background. Lately, the region has also seen a spread of high-tech businesses.

Area245 km²20.273 km²
Population19.364 (H2 2019)2.089.310 (H2 2019)
Density of population (per km²)78 (2018)102 (2018)
Mean age of population42,5 (2018)43,3 (2018)
Average Gross Salary1.684,55 (nov 2019)1.897,90 € (nov 2019)
Employment rate67,5 (2018)64,5 (2018)
Unemployment Rate5,6 % (nov 2019) 7,4 % (nov 2019)
Tourist arrivals13.797 (2018)5.933.266 (2018)
Tourist overnight stays28.710 (2018)15.694.705 (2018)

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