Ajdovščina is the second largest town in the Vipava Valley which recently made it to Lonely Planet’s list of Top 10 Places to Visit in Europe for 2018. The valley is ripe for a tourist boom, relying on three key pillars: wine and food, adrenaline and recreation, and cultural and technical heritage. The Municipality of Ajdovščina recognizes the opportunity and potential of the town as a prime hotel location. The construction of a hotel with at least 100 beds is among the top priority projects outlined in the essential strategic document for the development of the Municipality of Ajdovščina. The Municipality wishes to realize the project in the upcoming years, but before 2022. In this context it sees the derelict facility of the first industrial flour mill in Slovenia, which is located on the outskirts of the old town centre of Ajdovščina, as a unique opportunity for building an exclusive commercial and tourist hotel complex.

In the past, Ajdovščina held a vital role in this region. Over two thousand years ago, the Romans constructed the first road station next to the River Hubelj, expanding it to the mighty military fort Castrum Ad Fluvium Frigidum (‘Fortress by the Cold River’) designed to protect the east border of the Roman Empire. In modern times, Ajdovščina acts as a hotbed of entrepreneurship, housing a great number of companies. In addition, throughout the year the town hosts many business meetings and tourism events (e.g. the Vipava Grape Harvest, Vipava Valley’s Open Cellars, Strudelfest Theatre Festival, Ajdovščina in May, Ultratrail, sports events, days of culture etc.) in order to attract visitors and tourists. Due to the increasing demand for accommodation, the Municipality of Ajdovščina is set to build an urban hotel to cater to the needs of the incoming leisure and business travellers.

The object of the purchase is a two-storey building, once the most powerful mill in the empire, built by Wenzel Jochmann around 1850. It stands on a strategic location, on the edge of the compact part of the town of Ajdovščina, where there are ruins of Roman spa; on the right bank of Hubelj river, in front of the bridge and the main road. It represents two buildings and a spacious yard / parking lot. The building is unsustainable and needs renovation or demolition and a construction of a new one.

In the Urban Development Plan of the town of Ajdovščina, in the manner of urban planning in the area of the old towns of Castra and Šturje, which represent the mental part of the city, revitalization is envisaged on the basis of a regulatory plan or individual reconstruction in agreement with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Slovenia, on the basis of the Spatial Regulatory Conditions („PUP“).


two abandoned buildings – no. 148 and no. 1434 – located on the plot no. 953/1, cadastral municipality of Ajdovščina


1,860 m²

Plot number

953/1, cadastral municipality of Ajdovščina

Year of construction



partly ruin


in the center of Ajdovščina, part of the old city center


by the road and by the Hubelj river

Municipal arrangement

municipal connections and access are arranged


purchase of a real estate, construction and management of a hotel