The Črniče Industrial Zone, located 12km west of Ajdovščina and on the west side of Črniče village, is suitable for industrial production as well as for business and services industry. The proximity to the nodes belonging to the EU transport corridors attracts traffic from both neighbouring countries and international transit areas. Owing to the vicinity of the seaway arteries such as the Port of Koper (Slovenia), the Port of Rijeka (Croatia) and the Port of Trieste (Italy), it offers many opportunities for the development of intermodality.


southern part of Ajdovščina (45°54’39.9″N 13°46’06.6″E)


49.094 m2

Greenfield zone
Utilities infrastructure

water, power and waste-water treatment plant will be constructed in 2020

Distance to the motorway/trunk road access (Ljubljana, Koper, Italy)

2.5 km


50 % of full area (occupancy of already equipped area is otherwise 100 %)