The medieval town of Vipavski Križ is among the finest monuments of cultural history in the country. The vestiges of the castle, the medieval wall, two churches, a monastery, a host of houses separated with narrow lanes, and numerous distinctive details of the local architecture provide the backdrop for stories from another time. The town made history as the smallest town in the Habsburg Monarchy.

In 2015, the town had undergone a complete overhaul of the infrastructure underneath the lovely pavement. In this fairytale setting, one of the small piazzas next to the impressive well features an old building that is suitable for the hospitality industry. Any construction or renovation actions requires adherence to the guidelines of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. Studies have been made outlining the conceptual design of the renovation.

In the western part of Vipavski Križ the plinth wall of the church and an L-shaped structure together define a square. Today this space is used as a parking lot. The fourth side of the square is limited by a row of houses lining a street that is set at an angle. The buildings following the churchwall are in a bad condition and no longer in use. They are to be converted into a hostel and a restaurant, while one of the houses in the row will reside the owner of the hostel and contain a shop. The careful treatment of the stone buildings, the use of familiar elements such as the walkway and the intelligent arrangement of the new utilisation will revaluate the selected area.


two abandoned buildings on the plot No. 3803 and No. 3804, cadastral municipality of Vipavski Križ


187 m²

Plot number

3803 and 3804, all cadastral municipality of Vipavski Križ


mostly ruin


inside medieval town of Vipavski Križ


western side of Vipavski Križ, next to the church

Municipal arrangement

municipal connections and access are arranged


purchase of a real estate, construction and management of a restaurant and a small hotel